STIE Perbanas Surabaya


Strategic Plan

STIE Perbanas Surabaya long-term plan is arranged by considering the institution condition, especially the performance of each study program division and its external factors e.g., opportunities and threats. The next 10 -15 –year development plan is also construed by considering the performance of each study program division and other key supporting work units in running the education process. The stages and plans are as the following.

Period of 2006 – 2010 
The institution development is focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of productivity which is supported by a good quality academic atmosphere. At the end of 2010, master degree program (S-2) is expected to increase its capacity to run the education process so that it can keep abreast of the development and starts focusing on internal efficiency, productivity, and good quality of academic atmosphere. By the end of 2010, the process of institution education will have fulfilled the expected quality and, as such, it can be the starting foundation to increase the graduates’ competitive advantage. STIE Perbanas also plans to get international standard implemented in quality management and education process, especially getting certificates for accountancy and management of international standard.

Period 2011 – 2015
The institution development is focused on the internal efficiency. In this period, all education processes and development in all units are directed towards increasing the graduate employability in the national scale. For that reason, the increase of the relevance of study program education process is considered very potential. The policy on basic research is directed towards increasing teaching and learning process so as to create the graduates with competitive advantage in the national scale. The community services are all prioritized towards all fields relevant to the strengths of the study programs. In this period also new study programs which appear to be linear with business and banking science will be opened. The international standard is also increased focusing on research and community services by involving overseas institutions and/or universities.

Periode 2016 – 2020
The institution development is focused on the competitive program in search of being a research university. Thus, in this period, the program is directed towards developing specific research related to each study program’s competitiveness so as to boost the institution specific competitiveness as well. Research is not only directed towards teaching and learning process improvement but also towards strengthening the position of STIE Perbanas Surabaya to be an excellence benchmark in the field of banking by the banking industries and other societies. Also, in this period, international recognition of research competitiveness, specifically in the scale of South East Asia, can be achieved.

Period 2021-2025 
The institution development is directed towards Entrepreneurship University. In this period, research and community services have become an income generating for the institution sustainability. For that reason, the institution emphasizes its priority on knowledge-based business center in each study program to create added value for research and community services activities.

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